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Mar. 15th, 2012 11:34 pm
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Player Information
Name: Lynny
Timezone: Eastern US
Personal Journal: [personal profile] forever_an_otter
Players Contact/AIM/MSN/YAHOO: AIM: lynuckofthenorth, plurk: frickninja
Email Address:
Former/Other Characters in the RP: N/A
How did you hear about us?: Horrible, horrible enabling players.

Character Information
Name: Salvador "Sal" Vantas [The Signless]
Canon Origin/Series: Homestuck
Teaching Position and why it suits them: History of Magic
Suitability: In canon Signless was a teacher of sorts. He traveled Alternia preaching peace and tolerance, doing his best to change his race for the better.
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Out of school living location: On the outskirts of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England.
Blood status: Muggleborn

Personality: The Signless is an oddity for his kind. He is a mutant, living in a society where just the color of his candy red blood is enough to get him killed and yet he holds no shame for it. He believes in and preaches heretical ideas like equality and peace in a society that used a rigid caste system and viewed violence as the norm. Even his upbringing, being raised by an adult troll instead of a lusus, is unheard of in troll society.

But it's this strange upbringing that helped for Signless into the man he became. With Dolorosa's guidance, encouragement and love he learned not to be ashamed of his blood and to have no fear of his dreams and visions. Even when they stirred such strong emotions in him that he refrained from sleeping for days on end just to give himself a little peace from them he knew he was safe with his guardian. When he was older and the Psiionic and Disciple joined he and Dolorosa, Signless learned what it was like to have a best friend in the Psiionic and a love that transcended the four quadrants with his Disciple.

Although he and Karkat Vantas are genetically identical, they are very, very different. Where Karkat is loud and temperamental, the Signless is soft-spoken and has his temper thoroughly under control. It took getting captured, tortured and having those closest to him suffering horrible fates to even get him to swear. It's not hard to imagine that Signless was much different from Karkat at six sweeps. However, as he matured his hopes for changing Alternia for the better calmed him and Dolorosa's parenting taught him patience, which he has in abundance.

As well as having the patience of a saint, he's kind and incredibly trusting, which can be a very bad thing on Alternia. He tries to see good in all trolls, even the tyrannical Empress herself. He's the type of guy who'll crack a bad joke to break a tense situation or give the coat off his back to someone who needs it more.

Canon Background: Here on the Homestuck wiki.
Background (AU!Canon; HP): sayonara Salvador Vantas was born to a lower-middle class Muggle family on the outskirts of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England. His father worked as a carpenter and his mother was a housewife who taught violin to local children out of their home. His arrival was a bit of a surprise to his older parents. They thought they were done with children, as they already had one son who was nearly ten. Even before Sal's birth things weren't exactly easy financially for the family but they persevered.

Sal was a remarkably well-behaved child, a stark contrast to his older brother who was entering into his rebellious teens and a small blessing to his frazzled parents. He kept his room clean, did as he was told and was always home in time for supper. But for all his good behavior and his incredibly sweet disposition strange occurrences followed Sal wherever he went.

They were always small, like unintentionally tracking mud into the house and the mess disappearing before his mother could clean it up or his father's glasses disappearing and reappearing in odd places. Most of these could be easily brushed off as odd coincidences...until, when Sal was about eight, he ran sobbing to his father and begged him not to go to work because he'd had a dream that something very bad was going to happen. After a lot of tears and wailing, his father eventually relented and called in a sick day. That afternoon the building Mister Vantas was supposed to be working in collapsed, injuring three of his co-workers and killing one.

The Vantas family agreed never to speak of the event again which of course meant it was all over the village by the next day. The Vantas' and their "psychic son" were the big gossip subject that week.

Sal continued to pester his family with his dreams though thankfully none of them turned out nearly as serious as that prediction. At least not that he told.

His experiences in Primary School were lonely at best. Sal was a friendly child and eager to make friends his own age but it never quite happened. The other children just didn't seem to care for him. So instead he found solace in spending time with the nice lady who lived just outside of town. He'd help her around her house, she'd give him cookies and they'd have some very pleasant chats, the majority about the strange occurrences that followed the boy.

Then the summer of his eleventh year happened. There was no small amount of confusion in the Vantas house when a letter for Sal, telling him he'd been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he would begin on the first of September. A few days later the kindly woman Sal spent so much time with dropped by the house with a letter from the same school asking her to escort Sal and his parents to a place called 'Diagon Alley' for school supplies. It turned out she was a witch and had been keeping a close eye on the boy ever since the incident with his prediction.

After getting his school necessities, including his wand (12 inches, springy, laurel wood with a bowtruckle fingernail core), he was ready.

Sal's years at Hogwarts were some of the best he'd ever had. After being sorted into Gryffindor he actually made friends, most notably a quick witted if somewhat twitchy boy and a feisty girl with a love of cats that bordered on obsessive. It didn't take long for the three of them to become inseparable and it didn't take much longer than that for Sal to fall head over heels for the sassy cat girl.

He also developed a bit of a heated rivalry with a wild-haired, pure blood fellow student, a Slytherin, about the muggle rights and muggleborns. Having a Muggle family, Sal's stance was firmly pro-Muggle while the other's was...not so much. Near the end of their time at Hogwarts that relationship led to places Sal prefers not to think about to this day.

When home from school Sal continued to spend time with the kind, motherly witch who lived nearby. She became like a second mother to him, mentoring him on during the summer and on holidays and helping him understand his summer homework. She was the one he ran to when his dreams became too much and she was always ready with a snack and reassurances.

After graduation Sal took his girlfriend and his best friend on a road trip across Europe. The intention was to introduce his two best friends to Muggle culture and find the perfect place to propose to the love of his life, who accepted. The unintended result was returning to England with a fourth passenger they didn't know existed until three months later.

The pregnancy was a surprise but not an unwelcome one. Many of their friends from school were starting families already. With the help of their families they bought a house big enough to carry on her family's cattery business and soon after their daughter Nepeta was born. Her parents were married two years later.

Sal kept busy by becoming a vocal advocate for Muggle rights and helping his wife run the cattery. They were a happy little family a good ten years before Sal received a letter from his older brother, with whom he hadn't had contact in years. His wife had recently been killed in an accident and now he was unable to care for his ten year old son with his work in the military.

Although Sal hadn't seen his his nephew since he was a toddler, his bleeding heart went out to the boy. That night he had a talk with his wife and daughter and they all agreed to take in Karkat but to keep the magic to a minimum. With Nepeta going to Hogwarts next year they figured it wouldn't be too hard to hide until Karkat was a little older.

Then Karkat received his Hogwarts letter on the same day the family owl brought Nepeta's, much to the shock of the family. Their secret out, Sal and his wife explained the wizarding world and magic to him and about Hogwarts.

The two years since have been spent trying to bond with Karkat and make him feel like family. These attempts haven't been wholly successful but Sal has highs hopes that his new teaching position will help him further connect with his nephew.Livejournal
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